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Pleasant Plains, IL, USA

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Shop Built Tanks & Piping



The recently completed “cooling” project at the BRANDT Pleasant Plains Manufacturing facility now gives them the capability to manufacture various products which they would have had to purchase in the past. The manufacturing process for these formulas causes them to reach high temperatures as they are processed, which need to be cooled down before they can be introduced into packaging equipment or containers. Now that BRANDT has the ability to produce these products high temperatures, they are now exploring new technologies for formulations that have never been done before.


This expansion was accomplished with the addition of heavy duty chilling equipment, heat exchangers, large capacity mixing vessels, holding tanks and hundreds of feet of piping and pipe chase structures.


When this equipment is not being utilized for the newer products it can be utilized to manufacture other existing products in a more efficient manner than was previously possible.


“We partnered with Precision Liquid Construction for all the stainless steel piping portion of the project and Precision Tank for all the holding tanks." said Mike Sullivan, Safety Manager for BRANDT. "Due to the limited space, Precision Liquid Construction created an up and over concept to make room for all the piping. They also made two stainless steel manifolds to give us numerous options on where to send product. The manifolds saved a lot of space as well."


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